NSW Launches Mandatory RAT Reporting System With $ 1000 Fines If People Don’t Use It

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Premier Dominic Perrottet has announced that it will now be mandatory for anyone who has tested positive for a rapid antigen test to report their result through the Service NSW app. Anyone who has registered a positive RAT since January 1 will have until January 19 to present their result. Anyone who does not report the results of it could face a fine of $ 1,000. Perrottet made clear that the call to register positive RATs was not to monitor infectious people, but to ensure that all who required it had access to the medical support they needed. Dr. Kerry Chant, the state’s director of health said on Jan. 12 that 90 percent of the state’s cases were now caused by the highly communicable Omicron variant.

In recent weeks, the national testing strategy has shifted from relying on laboratory-diagnosed PCR tests to self-administered rapid antigen tests, after a large increase in demand for tests caused results delays of a week or more. plus. It is anticipated that NSW’s daily recorded totals could reach up to 100,000 positive cases per day once these self-diagnosed positive cases are recorded, as modeled by the Doherty Institute. However, the severe shortage of RAT means that many people who want to be tested have not been able to do so, so the actual number of people with Covid in the community is likely to be much higher than the figures reported by the NSW Government.

While the case numbers are sobering, Chant assured the people of New South Wales that many public settings were relatively low risk, including retail settings like supermarkets and stores. “We can be sure of those aspects of daily life,” he said.